Thank You From the Heart

Celebrate National Thank You Month with DIY Cards

Thank you cards 1That’s right. January is National Thank You Month, a reminder to show gratitude to our family and friends (or even Santa) after the holiday season. Some say in the world of emails and Facebook the old fashioned “thank you” card is outdated, but we say crafts to keep the kids busy and teach them important values will never go out of style. So here are a few ideas for simple card designs, recycling materials of course. We used past issues of Covington Weekly for a personal touch.

thank you cards 2 edThis is a great little project that will always be unique and fun. The youngsters will love scouring old magazines for cool fonts, and the end result is a neat card at virtually no cost. Remember the snowflake cut-out pattern a few issues ago? We used that for the back.

thank you cards 3This is a classic card that is a favorite among grandparents. Nothing says thank you like smiling children, especially if it’s a picture that didn’t make it into the Christmas card. Be sure to use a picture that you have other copies of, as you will probably have to cut it to fit. This, of course, should be decorated with stickers, glitter, more cut-outs, and whatever else those little creative minds can conjure up.