This Week At The Covington Farmer’s Market by Charlene LeJeune

New Venetian Loaves from Bear Creek Road
New Venetian Loaves from Bear Creek Road

Hi, friends and Happy Tuesday! I think we are all enjoying these cooler temps even if it is in the eighties. At least the AC is no longer running full throttle day and night. We have such a lovely day planned for you tomorrow with lively music and nothin’ but blue skies will you see!

As an added bonus, Nanette is making the ultimate in soups for Wednesday – squash and corn chowder! Enjoy that with a chicken salad wrap or just save the wrap for tomorrow. Speaking of soups, Kandy makes light-hearted and tummy-warming Pho which, along with a side of crunchy egg rolls, is a definite take-home-for-supper choice. Or make a wonderful dinner of pulled pork, baked cinnamon apples and cheese grits. It’s too gorgeous outside to cook. This week, Frankie will have more of her incredible peach cobbler and pear cake with buttercream frosting. She’s also fixing fancy crepes topped with Bananas Foster! Better get there early.

Just the anticipation of Saturday morning at the market makes the week seem as though it’s snailing by. This Saturday the gazebo will be filled with sound as We3 floods the market with music. And that’s the only flooding that will happen unless it’s the smiles and laughter raining within our boundaries. So grab a steamy cup of java and get ready for Shah Kinjal. Shah is preparing Vegetarian Punjabi Food for tasting at the Market! I can’t wait; it sounds soooo exotic!

Lots of goings on in the back corner of the market that used to boast our grand old duchess oak. Natalie is back with a table full of large purple eggplant, round zucchini, yellow squash, cucumbers and bell pepper. While you’re back there, check out all the delicious granola breakfast bars that Sacred Earth has to offer – Sun Bar, Summer Love, Winter Serenity, Spring Detox, Coffee Bliss, and Sacred Mother – each lovingly made with organic ingredients. Jennifer (Bear Creek Road) is making spiced pumpkin seeds for your snackin’ pleasure. What, you may ask, is she doing with the rest of the pumpkin? Why, she’s making Pumpkin Honey Beer Bread, of course.

In that area, you’ll also find we have a new vendor, Tasha. In addition to catering and making cakes, Tasha is crafting pralines. I say crafting, because these are not just the traditional pralines that everyone knows and loves (she has those) but peanut butter pralines, coconut pecan pralines, and even a luscious trail mix version. OMGwhiz they’re good!

Lots of doin’s in the produce department as well. Nick is offering a braising mix of baby kale, India green wave mustard, broadleaf mustard, and rapini (broccoli rabb leaves). This greens will change from time to time as the new crops come marching in but for now, try sautéing some mushrooms in a little olive oil and then, just before the mushrooms are done, toss in several handfuls of braising leaves and toss until they are just wilted. YUM! Spicy Lady had a great assortment of seasonings that will only add to the flavor. Persimmons are here and resting comfortably on Greg’s and J.R.’s tables. Bok choi, arugula, lovely radishes are just waiting for their turn in your meal. Greens are really delicious added to soups. It doesn’t take much, just chop ‘em and toss ‘em in the pot.

I noticed Dee (Crescent City Canning) had pickled onions last week and just had to get a jar for my sister. Pickled onions are a favorite for us. I was fortunate to have two of my granddaughters with me this past Saturday. They decided we should get a Korean pancake from Dong to share……..I got a bite (actually, it was 2 whole bites but they were delicious). Next time, I’ll have my bites first. Whether you’re at the Wednesday Market or Saturday’s, a stroll around the market is sure to uncover something tempting and terrific.

Lots of love,

Charlene LeJeune

Abundant Life Kitchen


Market Menu for the Covington Farmer's Market at the trailhead - Wednesday, October 7, 2015
Market Menu for the Covington Farmer’s Market at the trailhead – Wednesday, October 7, 2015