Life Somatics for Pain Relief, Correct Posture

LifeSomaticsLogo_FINALCovington resident Danny Burke lived with issues of chronic pain in his left hip and right shoulder, affecting sleep patterns and general well-being.  While exploring exercise, stretching, yoga and more, Danny found methods that offered temporary relief, nothing that lasted.  Danny discovered Hanna Somatics (, and studied  at the Novato Institute of Somatic Research and Training and became a Certified Hanna Somatic Educator, bringing the discipline home and practicing in Covington for nearly six years now.
The results are predictable because Somatics can quickly eliminate patterns of tension in the body, using gentle and easy movements to consciously register the body sensations.  This eliminates the signal from the brain that is keeping muscles tight, called Sensory Motor Amnesia. Tight muscles can pull on joints, making hips and knees hurt, pinch nerves resulting in neck and back pain, or cause numbness in arms or feet.  It can also lead to bad posture, putting pressure on discs in your back or neck.
In just a few quick sessions, Somatics can help eliminate chronic pain, manage stress and reduce stiffness, improving posture and performance.  It is designed as a self-care program.  “Try one session and compare it to your current strategy.  I will teach you how to move out of pain with simple homework moves.” – Danny Burke, Certified Hanna Somatic Educator   504-915-7200 

Testimonial:  “Somatics has been a huge blessing to my practice and to my family.  Danny has been able to get my patients out of chronic pain in a few short visits!  The patients with history of trauma, chronic neck, back, hip pain,, Somatics has worked to reset the brain, muscle connection and to relieve their pain for the first time in years .  My own son, who grew to 6ft 4inches by the time he was fourteen had a problem with hunching over.  Danny fixed his posture after only two times of seeing him.  My son is now 17 and over 6’ 5 and still standing up straight.”  – Kami Dehler, Naturopathic Doctor