This Week at the Covington Farmer’s Market with Charlene LeJeune

Great news, friends!  It’s Tuesday again. Only 20 more hours (give or take) before you can bask in swift breezes, lots of sunshine, finger-snappin’, toe-tappin’ music and lots of great food. Let me tempt you with creamy shrimp rolls lovingly made by Kandy’s own hands. Is it working? Jeff is fixing his uber-delicious green beans and cheese grits to accompany the smokey goodness of his pulled pork.

 Cool off with a refreshing bowl of Nanette’s cucumber yogurt soup and perhaps a Mediterranean salad. Enjoy one of Frankie & Johnny’s remarkable pork tamales or wrap yourself around one of their bean burritos. Pace yourself, now, ‘cause you’ll need to save room for a serving of the phyllo lemon cheesecake that Frankie’s whipping up this week!

Grab a bag of Lillie’s teacakes; they go so well with your morning coffee. Mr. Houston should have tomatoes this week as well as potatoes and eggplant and squash. Don’t let this warm weather suck the life out of your skin. Blue L Essentials has dreamy lotions designed to soothe.

June Pie of the Month
Peach & Honey Crostata, Bear Creek Road

Bring Dad along on Saturday to enjoy an early Father’s Day. And what a Father’s Day celebration we will have with the music of the Lucky Dogs spilling out of the gazebo and adding smiles to the market!Keith and Nealy Frentz will add pizzazz to the morning when Lola Deux Food Truck pulls up to the curb o Columbia St. WOW! I know…I know…just take a deep breath, go get your coffee (Kevin’s got a great lineup of fancy coffees, lattes, etc. at the Coast Roast tent) and get in line for those delightful Parmesan fries. Can ya handle it, Dad?

Checking out the tables this past Saturday I found a bountiful harvest. Gorgeous heirloom tomatoes graced Nick’s and John’s tables. Jeff Miller is back with lovely Creoles, juicy blueberries, and…..wait for it…..wild Chanterelle mushrooms! Get there early. They were gone in the blink of an eye. Lots of varieties of eggplant were making their home with crispy bell peppers (and banana peppers), many types of cucumbers, yellow and white squashes, onions, and more.

Natalie has hydroponic lettuce (red oak & romaine) which makes a colorful green bouquet. Place in a short vase and you’ll be picking fresh salad for weeks. Nancy’s zinnias looked like the Crayola box spilled out onto their petals in varying shades of purple, orange, pink, yellow, and red! Absolutely gorgeous!

Find freshly shelled crowder peas, green limas, and Little Lady beans at the Clecklers table. Eddie has purple hull peas and says there may be red beans by next week. Jubilee Farms is sporting silver corn on the cob this week – non-GMO and pesticide-free!

Dee at Crescent City Cannery has fermented cucumbers, singly or by the jar, spicy or mild! Kevin at Blood River honey has been making that special creamed honey that is so delicious. He has buckwheat honey and pollen as well. Lotsa great cookies all over the market. Pam (Hot Tamale Mama) has gluten-free chocolate chip cookies made with rice flower. You’ll also find creamy Cajun Buttermilk Tarts there, filled with traditional vanilla custard, sassy almond and cranberry, chewy coconut, or rich Ghirardelli chocolate.

There is soooo much more here but you have to be here to enjoy it. See ya soon!

Lots of love,
Charlene LeJeune
Abundant Life Kitchen

The Covington Farmers’ Market is open each Wednesday, rain or shine, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Covington Trailhead, 419 N. New Hampshire and every Saturday from 8a.m. to 12p.m. on the side lawn of the Covington Police Station, 609 N. Columbia St.  Call (985) 892-1873 for information.

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Wednesday Market Menu – June 15, 2016
10 am to 2 pm • Covington Trailhead

Come for lunch, enjoy the music, and take something
home for supper! See you there!

Father & Son Fresh Vegetables

Farm fresh eggs (from free-range hens)
Fresh vegetables – Carrots, cabbage, beets, green onions, red potatoes

Mai’s Eggrolls

Sweet Jasmine Tea • Shredded Cabbage Salad • Noodle salad with lemongrass chicken
Pho (that wonderful take home noodle soup)
Fresh Summer Rolls • Traditional Eggrolls • Shrimp & Cream Cheese • Chicken porridge
Pan-seared salmon salad with papaya • Party trays available •

Nourish! (Nanette)

Cucumber yogurt soup • Tuna salad wraps • Mediterranean salad with hummus filled pita bread
Autumn Couscous • Broccoli slaw • Garden crackers • almond date cookies
flax & kale/sun dried tomato crackers

Chomper’s BBQ

Pulled pork • Green beans • Cheese grits • Cole slaw
Rubs (Turkey, Brisket, Pig, Chicken)
BBQ Sauces – (Original, Triple Dare Habanero, 3 Pepper BBQ, Honey BBQ)
Dinner to go ($23): 1 lb pork, 2 pt side dishes, and 1/2 pint cole slaw

The Peanut Factory (Frankie’s)

Phyllo Lemon Cheesecake • Blueberry cheesecake pastry • Coconut Cake by the slice
Pita vegetable pies • Blueberry lemon bread • Dips • Tomato salsa • Cheese straws • Fruit Lemonade

Blue L Essentials

Luxurious shampoos • Fragrant soaps • Hand cream • Aluminum-free deodorant
Laundry detergent • Baby care products

Tea Cakes by Lillie’s Daughter

Frankie & Johnny

Fried taco (beef or chorizo & egg) • hot tamales • Beef tostados • Bean burritos


Farm fresh eggs