City of Covington Announces Public Meeting

City of Covington Public Meeting/Workshop Scheduled Regarding Proposed Ordinance Establishing Water and Sewerage Capacity Charges

City of Covington Logo 2015The City of Covington has scheduled a Public Meeting / Workshop for Wednesday, August 10, 2016, at 5:30 P.M., in the City Council Chambers, located at 222 E. Kirkland Street.  The purpose of the meeting is to review, discuss, and obtain public input on the major components of the proposed ordinance on Capacity Charges which was introduced by the Covington City Council at its regular meeting on June 21st.
The City will provide an overview of the proposed ordinance on Capacity Charges and the adoption process at the August 10th Public Meeting.  The intent of the ordinance is to ensure that new development bears a proportionate share of the cost of improvements to the city water and wastewater systems and to guarantee that funds collected from new developments are actually used to construct improvements to the city water and wastewater systems that reasonably relate to the benefits accruing to such new developments.  No vote will be taken at the August 10th workshop.  The Council is expected to take action at its August 16th regular meeting.
In 2014, the City retained TischlerBise, a fiscal, economic, and planning consulting firm, to develop capacity charges for water and wastewater infrastructure.  The study provided written analysis to:
1)    Ensure adequate public facilities are available to serve new growth and development
2)    Promote cost-effective growth and establish uniform standards by which Covington may require payment for a proportionate share of the cost of system improvements needed to serve development and new construction
“Once again I’d like to encourage our citizens to attend and actively participate in our Public Meetings and Workshops.  City administration efforts supported by key public input contributes significantly to assuring that our pressing community needs are met,” Mayor Mike Cooper.

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