Seems to me that the so-called loyalty programs are everywhere now.  From the cards that dangle from our keychains to the apps on our smartphones, Retention is the name of the game.  Isn’t it sad that customers need to be baited into returning to a vendor because they’ve been monetarily incentivized rather than motivated by the simple concept of good service/good value/good product?
Especially in smaller communities, where there is undeniable support for local business and businesspeople who buck the rising tide of big box stores and national chains, I completely appreciate the compliment that comes in the form of a phone call, email, or visit. Whether I’m the customer or the provider, the choice to do business with a local expert speaks volumes and energizes the transaction.
In the same way, I often want to cringe when I see my own profession disrespected.  For many years, I’ve done my business my way and have been blessed with the ability to make a good living by choosing to serve from the heart as well as from the head.

Quite simply, it’s a respect issue. Good Realtors do more than open doors (literally)! They must possess an excellent skill set and market knowledge, in addition to a hundred other matters, all of which combine to create a seamless, positive experience that achieves the desired end result. There will always be those who dismiss the tried-and-true methods of just doing good business, just as there will always be those who unfavorably demonstrate performance.
I accept this but it won’t deter me from continuing to adhere to the principles that have served me well or embracing “re-tooling the toolbox” to be able to assist more consultatively and comprehensively.
Loyalty works both ways!

By Beverly Hobbs Shea
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