Fireworks Prohibited in Covington City Limits

With the New Year approaching, Chief Tim Lentz would like to remind the public that, for the safety of our citizens, the sale and use of fireworks is prohibited in the City of Covington.
One of the questions we are often asked is why there are so many firework stands in the city if their use is prohibited. While many of these stands may appear to be in the city limits, they are all technically outside and no permits have been issued to them by the City of Covington.
The New Year is a time of celebration and always brings additional people to the city as they celebrate the holiday with their families. The Covington Police Department will have additional officers on hand to ensure the safety of the public and meet the needs of our citizens. To report an emergency or unsafe activity, please dial 911.
The ordinance regulating the use of fireworks inside the city limits is as follows:
Sec. 46-5. – Fireworks.
(a)  Definitions. The term “pyrotechnics,” whenever used in this section, shall be held to mean any sparkler, squib, rocket, firecracker, Roman candle, signal lights, fireworks, or other devices or composition used to obtain visible or audible pyrotechnic display.
(b)  Unlawful. It shall be unlawful for any person to have, keep, store, use, manufacture, offer to sell, handle, or transport any pyrotechnics within the corporate limits except as provided in this section, it being the intention of this section to prohibit the sale of, distribution of, or discharge of pyrotechnics of any kind or description whatsoever within the corporate limits.
(c)  Exceptions. Nothing contained in this section shall be held to apply to:
(1)  The possession or use of signaling devices for current daily consumption by railroads, trucks or vessels requiring them.
(2)  Pyrotechnic display of fireworks in public parks or other open places, where a permit for such display has been issued by the city secretary.
(3) The possession, sale or use of normal stacks of flashlight compositions by photographers or dealers in photographic supplies.
(Code 1977, § 14-118)