Acro Yoga at Our Place Studio This Sunday

This two hour workshop will be led by certified Acro Revolution teachers, Rebecca Solomon and Jill Tatarski, from New Orleans.  We are so excited to have these talented ladies share their knowledge with us!  We will explore partner inversions and practice safe spotting techniques.  $35 for individual, $65 for pair/partners.  No need to bring a partner!  Limited to 18 students (9 pairs).  We accept cash, check or charge. You can drop in to the studio to pay, or if you’d like to give us your credit card by phone, we can also go that route:      985.875.1182

Acro Yoga is a physical practice which combines yoga and acrobatics.  AcroYoga may provide physical and mental health benefits.  In addition to the exercise and strength building aspects of AcroYoga the partner balancing can improve concentration and the massage elements can provide stress relief.