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Changing Colors

The phrase changing colors carries with it several connotations and meanings, whether intentional or implied.  Seasons change amidst the backdrop of colors that burst or retreat, fashion displays the many shades, political views are often communicated through colors, and sometimes even social issues are evidenced by symbolic colors and designs.

The colloquial phrase changing colors also communicates a change of thought, policy, or position.  Almost always, it means a reversal of some sort.  Ever notice how businesses and business people embrace the opposite of what they left behind, as if to scream “Change is here”?

Changing colors could also be as simple as creating and adding interest, such as the water tower at the Covington Trailhead.  National buildings, stadiums and arenas, and landmarks have also been the palette for color-communicated statements.  The point here is that we don’t always have to over-think everything;  not everything has a hidden meaning or an underlying message.  But just as we use a variety of things in our world to reflect our “status du jour” we can also salute the versatility and constant of Change.  That’s the real issue –  color choice just draws attention to it.

Beverly Hobbs Shea