Emergency Preparedness: A Detailed Look

Last week CW ran a reminder for the beginning of hurricane season (June 1) and this week we will take a closer look at available resources and suggested items for your checklist. The City of Covington is prepared to communicate pertinent information and available emergency resources to assist our community's storm disaster preparedness efforts and recovery requirements necessary to rapidly return to normal conditions. Citizens are urged to have an evacuation plan should a mandatory evacuation occur. Visit covla.com. Sign up for Local Emergency Alerts and updates from the Covington Police Department at nixle.com. ALERT St. Tammany is an essential public safety service provided to you by St. Tammany Parish Government. Sign up for this service by accessing the Self Registration page at stpgov.org. Register today for life saving alerts. The following is from the Hurricane & Flooding Safety Information Guide published by the St. Tammany Parish Government Supply Checklist: One of the most important tools for emergency preparedness is a Disaster Supply Kit. Stock up today and store in water resistant containers. Replenish as necessary, especially at the beginning of storm season. 1. Two week supply of medicines 2. Two week supply of non-perishable foods 3. Drinking water: 1 gal./per person/per day, for two weeks 4. Flashlights, portable radio and multiple sets of extra batteries. 5. Car chargers for cell phones 6. First aid book and kit including bandages, antiseptic, tape, compresses, non-aspirin pain reliever, bismuth 7. Mosquito repellent/citronella candles 8. Two coolers (one for food, one for ice) 9. Tarp for roof/ window repair, screen, tools 10. Water purification kit 11. Infant necessities (diapers, formula, bottles) 12. Clean up supplies (mop, bucket, towels) 13. Camera and film/memory card 14. Manual can opener 15. Plastic trash bags 16. Toilet paper, paper towels, disinfectant ALWAYS BE PREPARED