Fleur de Lis Farm Offers Boarding, Training, Riding Lessons & American Saddlebred Sales

At Fleur de Lis Farm, an equestrian facility located just minutes from downtown Covington, the focus on great horsemanship is a family affair, guided by owner/operator and fifth generation American Saddlebred horse trainer Kendall Blue. On a 70-acre portion of land originally purchased by his great-grandfather Cyril Rousseau in the 1930s, and where his grandparents and mother operated Roberts Stables for more than 40 years, Kendall has established his Fleur de Lis Farm to re-engage families from St. Tammany and beyond in the excitement and enjoyment of horses.
Ask just about anyone who grew up riding in the Covington area starting in the 1970s where they learned, and most will answer, “Roberts Stables” or “Camp Bittercreek,” Roberts Stables’ summer riding camp. Kendall was no exception, loving horses and absorbing knowledge from day one at the family training stables. Kendall began his riding career at the tender age of three at a Covington Fair Grounds horse show. By 17, he had already won multiple National and World’s Championship titles, sealing his passion to follow in his family’s training footsteps.

After earning a Communications degree from Loyola University in New Orleans, Kendall was drawn to the heart of Saddlebred country – Kentucky – to train horses under the mentorship of industry icons Bret Day and Debbie Foley. In 2012, Kendall accepted a training position with Tommy Benton at Maranatha Stables in Baton Rouge. When the business began to outgrow its facility there, the decision was made to renovate and expand upon Kendall’s retired grandparents’ equine facility, Roberts Stables, in Covington. In 2014, Fleur de Lis Farm, LLC was born on that site.
Today, with the assistance of his mother Connie, talented riding instructor Katy Babin and a dedicated horse care staff, owner/trainer Kendall welcomes enthusiastic local patrons as well as customers from across the country to Fleur de Lis Farm. The beautiful new facilities include 33 stalls, a large covered arena and lunging ring, plus client amenities including a full bath, kitchenette and climate controlled ring-side viewing lounge. Fleur de Lis Farm offers horse training, boarding and sales services specializing in the American Saddlebred breed, and Saddleseat riding and driving lessons for all ages and experience levels.
“Whether you’re a beginner taking your first step into the world of horses, you just want to pleasure ride, or you’re an advanced competitor seeking to hone your skills for the national show arena – or you fall anywhere between – Fleur de Lis Farm can help you achieve your personal goals,” says Kendall.
“I’m proud to carry on my family’s legacy, and we invite your family to enjoy the camaraderie of a shared love for horses and horsemanship with us.”
Visit covingtonridinglessons.com or call 985-264-8356 to visit Fleur de Lis Farms or schedule a lesson today.