Public Opinion Poll Results: Cannabis Decriminalization

Last week, CW offered an unofficial poll regarding Public Opinion on Cannabis Decriminalization in Covington. This also led to the creation of a petition to decriminalize cannabis on a parish-wide scale. As this issue is being addressed at a state level, CW asks that it also be addressed at a local level. While CW recognizes that it is not necessarily in an official capacity to administer opinion polls on a municipal level, we respectfully submit our results to Mayor Cooper and the Covington City Council. This poll was conducted on Facebook, respondents were asked to either comment on the original post, or send an email to

Over 300 people answered, with 9 voting NO and 291 voting YES. The parish -wide petition is on the original article online. Editor’s Note: Replies continue to arrive, the overwhelming majority in support of decriminalization. The City Council has responded, noting that Chief Lentz would be contacted for input and that the topic is worthy of discussion. CW thanks everyone for participating in the poll.