CPD Resumes Bicycle Patrol

“I am proud to announce the return of bicycle patrol to the streets of Covington. Years ago, the Covington Plice Ce-artment operated a bike patrol unit. After it was dismantled, the bikes were placed in storage. Well, they have been dusted off, and thanks to Patrick Brooks of Brooks Bike Shop in Covington, placed back into service.

Last week, Detective Mark Dugas, Detective Edwin Masters along with Officer Chase Sharp and Officer Mike Liberto began a law enforcement training program on the bikes. Kenner Police Department loaned us their certified trainer, Officer Scott Verdun. After a couple of days break because of the arctic weather last week, the officers resumed their training this week. Officer Verdun taught our officers a variety of different skills on the bikes such as slow maneuver techniques for large crowds, quick dismounts and how to maneuver down stairs.

A bike patrol program is a great way to increase the ability for an officer to interact with the public. Officers on bikes are more approachable and it allows then to build one on one contacts with the public. Look for the bikes at fairs and festivals in town along with patrolling our business district.
I would like to thank my friend Chief Michael Glaser with the Kenner Police Department for loaning Officer Verdun to the Covington Police Department.” – Covington Police Chief Tim Lentz