What is the West 30’s Redemption Co.?

What is West 30’s Redemption Company?  It is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation formed in January 2017 specifically to help provide affordable housing in the West 30’s neighborhood for lower income families.  
Mission Statement:  Seek to help families, one family at a time, through the blessing of home ownership in the West 30’s neighborhood.
How does it work?  West 30’s Redemption Company is purchasing homes in sub-standard condition primarily from landlords, renovating those homes, then re-selling them to lower income families, who are assisted with the process of obtaining mortgage financing.
Who can Buy These Homes?  Anyone who qualifies as having very low or low income is eligible – in the New Orleans area, not more than $57,000 per year for a family of up to four. If you are interested, you can contact Bryan Burns at 504-782-0100.
How are the Home Prices Determined?  The labor costs to do the work on the homes is provided at below-market scale wages.  The materials and supplies are provided by vendors at prices that are discounted from their regular prices.  The home selling prices include the purchase price, and the costs of the labor, materials and supplies, and the costs of the sale.  There is no profit included in the sale of the homes.
Is this a Government  Supported Program? West 30’s Redemption Company is a private company owned by Bryan Burns.  It receives no local, state or federal funding to support its operations.  It is funded by private supporters who would like to help families and improve housing conditions in the West 30’s neighborhood.

Is West 30’s Redemption Company Faith Based? Most definitely!  Through Jesus Christ, we can do all things!  We hope to work closely with each of the churches in the West 30’s neighborhood to serve the West 30’s community.
How Does West 30’s Redemption Company Determine Which Houses to Acquire?  The homes we have purchased are all homes which have been brought to our attention through a variety of sources.  We are not knocking on anyone’s door asking to buy their home. We strive to buy homes from landlords, thereby converting leased homes ultimately into owner-occupied homes.  If you have a property in the West 30’s neighborhood that you would like to sell, you can contact bryan.burns@transwestern.com via email or phone 504-782-0100.
How Many Homes Has West 30’s Redemption Company Purchased?  There have been 12 homes and 2 lots purchased, and there are another 8 homes and 1 lot under contract to purchase.  Find the west 30s task force on Facebook