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Meet the Covington Fire Department

Meet the Covington Fire Department introduces our local firefighters to the community. Profiles are provided by CFD Information Officer Blake Nunez. Find them on Facebook.
John Carboni is a Firefighter/Operator on B-Shift. He started as a volunteer in 2000 and was hired full-time in July of 2009 as part of the first rookie school for CFD. Prior to his career as a firefighter he worked in the A/C business. John became a firefighter because he likes serving his community and helping people.
On his days off he works construction to supplement his income.  In 2013 John married his wife, Suzanne, and together they have five sons. When not working he enjoys camping, hunting, traveling with his family, and helping coach his sons’ baseball teams.

Each year, the CFD answers more than 1,400 emergency calls. CFD Firefighters spend many hours on outreach for fire prevention in the community. The CFD conducts fire prevention programs in local schools simulating the conditions of a fire, teaching students how to formulate and execute an emergency exit plan.