Krav Maga Institute: Self Defense for a Modern World

Learn the Best Self-Defense FAST with Our Krav Maga Self Defense Classes!
If you’re looking for the best combination of fitness and self-defense, you’ve come to the right place. Our Krav Maga Classes in Covington are designed to help you react with power and efficiency to any real-world threat.  Join us at the Krav Maga Institute for “2 Complimentary Classes” and check it out today!
Why Is Krav Maga Right For You?
This system was created by the Israeli Defense Forces and now helps millions of people around the world stay safe in the face of everyday danger.
At the Krav Maga Institute, we’re helping you defend yourself and your loved ones at a moment’s notice. Whether it’s a home invasion, a mugger, or sneak attack, you’ll be ready to disable your attacker FAST and walk away unharmed.
Our Krav Maga Classes are helping men and women across Covington:
Stay aware of their surroundings
Master powerful strikes with every part of your body
Maintain a calm mind in high-stress situations 
Act with confidence in the face of danger
PLUS, Our Krav Maga Classes Will Help You Get In Shape Like Never Before!
Yeah, we’re here to help you stay safe, but our Krav Maga training is offering a workout that simply can’t be beaten. You’ll challenge every muscle in your body and walk away with incredible results.
Krav Maga is all about using instinctual movements to your advantage, combining speed, strength, and accuracy into every aspect of your self-defense strategy. And at Krav Maga Institute, we’ll take you through a dynamic training program that can make you more explosive and athletic than ever before.
Join us in Covington for:
Lean muscle gains
Improved athleticism
Sustainable fat burn
Improved heart health
Krav Maga Institute
“Located Inside
Covington Athletic Club”
400 River Highlands, Blvd
Covington, La 70433
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We’re Proud to Offer You Covington’s Best Krav Maga Classes!
Don’t get caught off guard in a situation of violence. Our Krav Maga Classes in Covington are helping everyday men and women get more from each workout and walk away better prepared to defend themselves. 
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