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Meet the Covington Fire Department

Meet the CFD introduces our local firefighters to the community. Profiles are provided by CFD Information Officer Blake Nunez.
Meet Mark Billman or “Kong” as we know him around the station. He started as a volunteer with City of Covington in 2009. In 2010, Mark attended rookie school at STFD 1. Upon Graduation he was hired part time initially as a Firefighter/Operator for three different fire departments before becoming a full-time Firefighter/Operator for the City of Covington Fire Department in 2012. Mark still currently works part-time at STFD13 and STFD 5.

He aspires to have a long and prosperous career like his father, Steve Billman, who recently retired from STFD 1. Mark enjoys riding four wheelers, working on his truck, and spending time with his family. Also, Mark and his wife, Ashley are excited to welcome their first born in February of 2019. Congratulations, Billman Family!