“She Kills Monsters” Opens at Covington High

CLAPS introduces the 2018-19 Season with “She Kills Monsters”, a dramatic comedy play by Qui Ngyuen that debuted in 2011. The protagonist Agnes Evans discovers that her deceased younger sister Tilly played the fantasy game Dungeons & Dragons when she finds a notebook containing a game scenario that Tilly had written. Agnes enlists a “dungeon master” to help her in playing the quest Tilly described. As Agnes does so she discovers the sister she never really knew. The play opens Wednesday, October 24, 2018, show time is 7 p.m. At the Elmer E. Lyons Performing Arts Center at Covington High School.
CLAPS (Covington Louisiana Actor’s Playhouse System) began in 1996 with a season of two productions, and was expanded to three productions beginning in 2007. 
The 2009 season offered four productions in six weeks.  Based on auditions, high school students have been selected as actors, singers, dancers, musicians, set crew, light technicians, backstage crew, costume and make-up artists, choreographers, and public relation personnel.