Holiday Shopping Tips From STPSO

As we enter the holiday shopping season, Sheriff Randy Smith wants to remind our residents to be safe while they are out searching for the perfect gifts. Here are 12 Holiday Shopping Safety Tips. #shopsafe
1. Be alert / aware! Don’t let holiday excitement distract you and make you an easy target.
2. Keep shopping bags, valuables, purses and wallets close to your person.
3. Only take what you need with you. Put money, driver’s license, keys and credit cards in your pocket and leave purses at home.

4. Supervise children at all times. Warn children to watch for vehicles while walking to and from stores.
5. There is safety in numbers. Shop with friends and relatives whenever possible.
6. Place any valuables in the trunk before you go shopping. And always lock doors.
7. Do not be distracted by talking on your phone, texting or playing on social media while walking to your vehicle.
8. Have an employee walk you to your car if you feel uncomfortable for any reason.
9. Park in well-lit, well-trafficked areas.
10. Have your keys in your free hand well before approaching your car. Get in, lock the doors and leave.
11. Watch out for friendly strangers that may distract you and put you in a compromising situation.
12. When shopping online, make sure you are dealing with reputable online stores and keep your anti-virus, anti-phishing software up to date. Visit for more information