Volunteers Needed For Feeding the Needy

The Covington Rotary Club is looking for volunteers for the month of December. Each year, the Covington Rotary Club, with the assistance of hundreds of community volunteers and donors, leads Feeding the Needy, a project initiated to ensure that school children are fed while school cafeterias are closed for the long winter break at Christmas time.
Every year on December 23 and 24, volunteers from all over the area come together to prepare Christmas boxes that include: a 12-14 pound cooked turkey with 6 side dishes and dessert. Each box has enough food to feed a family of four. Larger families receive additional boxes. On Christmas morning, Rotarians and other community volunteers hand deliver the boxes to the homes of the identified families.

Each family only needs to heat the food and it is ready to serve as a substantial Christmas Day meal and leave plenty of extra while school is still out of session.
There are many volunteer opportunities available to make this program a success, and here are a few areas where the Covington Rotary Club can use some help:
Volunteers needed during the month of December include Data Entry.
Volunteers needed for December 23rd and 24th include the Welcome/Sign In Desk, Children’s Area, Loading Dock, and Recycling and Room Prep.
Volunteers needed for December 25th include Delivery Stations, Loading Bays, Delivery/Good Samaritans and Clean Up/Floaters.
Data Entry is done at Baldwin Motors, the other volunteer work is at St. Paul’s Cafeteria. To volunteer for Data Entry, contact Diona at 985-892-2203 .
For all other volunteer positions, please contact Jill at jilla@s-wfoods.com Find Covington Rotary Club on FB