Botsford, Verret Candidates for Covington City Council

John Botsford lives in the Savannahs neighborhood in District B. After the flood in 2016, John began attending city council meetings and decided to run for office to be a voice for the people of District B. He wants to serve this community the same way that he served the nation when he was in the Navy. John served as a signalman on the USS Fox from 1986-1990, proudly serving and completed escort missions in the Persian Gulf.
After the Navy, John attended Mesa Community College in San Diego as well as earned a Journeyman Carpenter Degree from Associated General Contractors. Later, he worked in the telecom industry earning IT certifications from Fujitsu Training Programs.
Today, John Botsford uses his broad educational background and experience in the business community and maritime industry working at the Maritime Pilots Institute in downtown Covington. Currently, John serves on the committee to determine the fate of the St. Tammany Parish Emergency Operations Center and on the Savannahs Homeowners Association.
\John has lived in many different parts of St. Tammany parish and traveled the world. His job brought him to Covington in 1993 when he fell in love with the city—the culture, the cleanliness, the friendliness of the people. He moved to Covington in 2012 and has lived in the Savannahs in District B since January of 2014. He was attracted to this area because of the zero flood zone, the close proximity to downtown, and the hometown feel of the neighborhoods. As a husband and father of five, John wants the same things for our district as you do—to continue to enjoy the vibrant downtown and safe neighborhoods while solving the drainage and traffic problems. He feels the way to achieve these goals is through smart growth and continuing to partner with the parish and the state to improve our infrastructure.
District B is a great place to live and we all want it to stay that way. John feels if we work together we can do this together because we all want the same things. John has the same concerns as all of his neighbors in the Savannahs, Covington Point, the Ozone, downtown and the West 30’s because he lives, shops, and works in this district.
If John Botsford is your councilman, he will be your voice. You will be his eyes and ears. He will ask for your feedback and will bring your concerns to the council. Together we are strong, and our voices need to be heard!
If you would like to meet John or support his campaign in any way, you can reach him by email at You can find him on Facebook at John Botsford for Covington City Council District B and at

Mark Verret Announces Candidacy

I am announcing my candidacy for City Council District E. After much consideration, it is my intention to be a candidate in the upcoming municipal election.
Covington has been blessed with a tremendous amount of resources starting first with its resilient residents. With the ever increasing amount of growth, it is imperative to have a clear vision towards the future while preserving the very rich cultural and historical past. The election for City Council allows for an opportunity to bring new ideas and a fresh face to the city.
By way of introduction, I am a practicing attorney who has had the distinct pleasure in representing many of our local residents and businesses, as well as many of our local governmental entities. This experience allows for a unique background to deal with the many issues our city faces in the years ahead. Issues such as infrastructure, drainage and preservation are paramount issues facing our city today.
I am encouraged by the reception I have received concerning my candidacy and I look forward to meeting with the residents of our district in the upcoming weeks. Election Day is March 30, with early voting March 16-23.
I humbly ask for your vote and support as we bring a freshness of outlook to our great city. Read more about Mark Verret online at the New Orleans Advocate.