Saturday Market PReview

The melodic tunes of Michaela Lauer will flow from the gazebo on Saturday, escorting us into the weekend. So grab your coffee and take the time to stroll around the market; lots of hidden gems out there to discover. 
Whether it’s rainy or cold, there’s nothing more comforting than soup. Norma’s vegan soups are delightful. Jennifer at Bear Creek Road also has a lovely soup each week. You may need a loaf of sourdough to slice and toast to go with. You can find some terrific soups at Tessier Gourmet, too. Or, make your own. Jubilee Farms has bone broth which is great on its own but add a few vegetables, such as chopped kale and chard, radishes, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potato, tomatoes, spinach artichoke dip, black bean salsa… there’s no limit to what you can add, just walking through the market. 
Don’t forget to get your Naturally Well elderberry syrup and some Blood River honey as well. Nip those cold symptoms in the bud quickly! Fabulous raw sauerkraut and kombucha from Succotash Ferments, sprouts from Sam and microgreens from Aminta are other weapons in your arsenol. Not to mention the great foods — butter, milk, eggs, fresh veggies, and fruits. You can get amazing falafels and even a treat for your pup — all covered in smiles and song and great food. So, come and join us for a great start to your day!
Lots of love, Charlene LeJeune, Abundant Life Kitchen