The Days of Motown at Peter Atkins Park with the New Orleans Mystics

The City of Covington kicks off their free concert series this Thursday with The Days of Motown at Peter Atkins Park featuring the New Orleans Mystics.

The New Orleans Mystics is a versatile singing group that performs a wide variety of Oldies, Motown, Top 40, R&B, Disco, Jazz, Rock and more. They have been grooving to Motown in America and Europe since 1972. Come on down to Peter Atkins Park (corner 28th and Tyler Street i.e. basketball goals) October 15th at 5 pm for some proper social distancing fun. Bring your chairs, your masks and your refreshments.

From Mayor Mark Johnson:

“Relationships are built on common experiences. Great communities are built on relationships. Join us for a common experience.” – MMJ

This is the first in a series of free concerts meant to replace the City’s usual “Rockin’ the Rails” with social distancing in mind. Stay tuned for updates on more free concerts in downtown Covington!