Word of the Week

dis aliter visum

Latin phrase
dis ali·​ter vi·​sum | \ ˌdēs-ˌä-li-ˌter-ˈwē-ˌsu̇m\

: it seemed otherwise to the gods : fate had different plans

From: www.merriam-webster.com

Word-for-word analysis:

Disdis Adjective = rich/wealthy, richly adorned, fertile/productive … Dis Noun = Ditis (a honest person/ humble/good and handsome)
aliteraliter Adverb = otherwise, differently, in any other way [aliter …
visumvidere Verb = see
visere Verb = visit, go to see, look at
visum Noun = vision, that which is seen, appearance, sight, vi…
visus Noun = look, sight, appearance, vision

From: www.latin-is-simple.com