Rescues from Alleged Dogfighting Ring in Need of Foster at Northshore Humane

From the Northshore Humane Society:

Pitbulls confiscated from alleged dogfighting ring are transported to no-kill rescue, Northshore Humane Society, for a second chance.

Covington, LA – On Friday, February 12th the pitbulls confiscated from an alleged dogfighting ring in Hammond were transported to no-kill animal rescue, Northshore Humane Society, for a second chance after living chained or secured to trees in a backyard for years.

According to news articles, on January 28th officers arrested three people and rescued 12 dogs after finding a dogfighting operation while searching for drugs in a Hammond home. Sheriff’s deputies found the 12 dogs chained or secured to trees throughout the backyard not too far from a dogfighting ring, a 10×10 box with 3 feet wooden walls.

After a two-week holding period, the dogs were released and transported to Northshore Humane Society, a no-kill animal rescue located in Covington, LA, where they are now available to be adopted into loving, forever homes. The shelter has named the group after Mardi Gras parades including Zulu, Endymion, Barkus and so on.  

“All of the dogs are extremely friendly and don’t seem to have any serious injuries or medical concerns,” said Northshore Humane Society Director of Operations, Alexandra Coogan. “We know they will make great companions and now need the community’s support to find them homes,” Coogan added.

Temporary foster homes are needed due to the shelter being at max capacity and limited staffing through the Mardi Gras holiday. If you are interested in adopting, pictures and profiles of each of the dogs can be found by visiting their site at Donations will also be needed for medical care and can be made on their site as well at

Visit the Northshore Humane Society Facebook page for more photos and video of the rescue pups: