Louisiana on Track to Ratify ERA

Senator J.P. Morrell has just announced that on the first day of the 2019 Legislative Session he intends to file a Senate Concurrent Resolution that provides for ratification by the Louisiana Legislature of the Equal Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution.

“Managing the Madness” Presented by Therapeutic Partners, LLC April 23, 2019

As parent, we want to support our children in expressing and managing their feelings. But that can be difficult when the feeling is anger that is fueling a temper tantrum! Join Victoria Prather,

Karen Champagne: Candidate for St. Tammany Parish President

Democracy Versus A Republic
In a Democracy, the majority rules. If the majority decided they wanted your bike, they could take it.
In a Republic, your bike is your property and you do not owe it to anyone. It cannot be taken against your will, by law.
America is a Constitutional Republic
Therefore, the Constitution is the law by which we are supposed to be protected.
In a Republic, the individual is protected From the majority, by Constitutional Law.
A Constitutional Republic is what we were given. It is up to us to Keep It.