Covington Hires Super Lawyers To Fight Big Pharma

The Brylski Company 1/23/2018 – The City of Covington has hired the local Louisiana law firm Porteous, Hainkel & Johnson LLP to take on America’s pharmaceutical industry for knowingly mislabeling and misrepresenting their

Covington Historic District Kick Off Meeting

The City of Covington has contracted Cox|McLain Environmental Consulting (CMEC) of Austin, Texas, to complete a historic resources survey for the City. CMEC will develop a comprehensive and up-to-date inventory of historic-age (built

This Week In Downtown Covington

Rockin’ the Rails continues this Thursday evening at the Covington Trailhead with The Yat Pak! Food and beverages are available for purchase at the concerts, the Trailhead is located at 419 N. New