Volunteers Needed For Feeding the Needy

The Covington Rotary Club is looking for volunteers for the month of December. Each year, the Covington Rotary Club, with the assistance of hundreds of community volunteers and donors, leads Feeding the Needy,

Benson Guest Speaker at Feeding the Needy Luncheon

The Covington Rotary Club is thrilled to announce that Mrs. Gayle Benson, New Orleans Saints and Pelicans owner and well-known philanthropist, will be the distinguished guest speaker at its 2018 Feeding the Needy

Covington Rotary Club’s Quack a Falaya Just Over a Week Away

Covington Rotary Club’s Quack a Falaya is just over a week away, and ducks are still available for purchase (a duck is your raffle ticket) at Heritage Bank and Campbell’s Coffee.  See the

Quack A Falaya is Two Weeks Away, Ducks Are Still Available

The Covington Rotary Club’s “Quack A Falaya” is a couple of weeks away, and there are still rubber ducks available (a duck is your raffle ticket).   The ducks are placed in the river

Get Your Rotary Club Quack A Falaya Duck

The Covington Rotary Club is raising funds to promote healthy families and recreation in Covington and throughout the Northshore, and the Quack-A-Falaya is a Rubber Duck Race and Paddlers Parade on the Bogue

Feeding the Needy Covington Rotary Club

Covington Rotary Club Announces “Feeding the Needy” 2015

This year the Covington Food Bank is on target to deliver in excess of 1.1 million pounds of food.  Since Craig Babylon and John Baldwin founded Feeding the Needy in 2002, the need

Covington Rotary Club Feeding The Needy 2013: Holiday Public Address From John Baldwin

It is that time of year again when I turn to the most generous and faithful supporters of the Covington Rotary Club’s Feeding the Needy program to ask for your time and assistance.