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Covington Fire Department Utilizes New Lifesaving Equipment

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Mayor Mike Cooper and Chief Gary Blocker are happy to

announce that a local woman’s life was saved with the

combination of the quick actions of a bystander, the

Covington Fire Department, Acadian Ambulance and the use of

a new piece of life saving equipment. Vanessa Dolan, 60,

started feeling ill at a local pharmacy and collapsed.

Stacy Barney, who works for Florida Parish Detention

Center, jumped into action and started

performing CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) as others

called 911.
“CPR is so time sensitive and important to start

immediately… a few seconds make a crucial difference as

to whether or not someone comes home… if you think it’s

needed, just do it! There is no harm in administering CPR

if it’s not needed but there is a lifesaving difference if

you hesitate when it is needed.” – Stacy Barney
The City of Covington Fire Department arrived and

immediately took over performing CPR, hooked up the AED

(Automated External Defibrillator), and delivered one shock

to Mrs. Dolan. For the very first time, the Covington Fire

Dept. also used a new lifesaving piece of equipment called

a LUCAS device which was purchased and put into service

only a week prior to the incident.
The $21,000 device automatically performs CPR or chest

compressions to maintain the circulation of oxygen to the

heart and brain. CPR is a physically demanding task that

involves physical force to compress the chest which limits

the amount of time it can be used.
While the LUCAS device was working on Mrs. Dolan, it

allowed Acadian personnel and Covington Fire Dept.

personnel to perform other lifesaving tasks that were

needed concurrently. The American Heart Association and

The Red Cross teach the Chain of Survival. It consists of

five links; early access to the emergency response system,

early CPR, early defibrillation, and early advance care by

EMS and hospital personnel. Happily, Mrs. Dolan received

all five links.
“We would like to congratulate the Covington Fire

Department team for a great save!
We enjoy working with such a fine group of first

responders.” – Acadian Ambulance

Mrs. Dolan’s chance of survival would have decreased

dramatically without bystanders calling 911, Stacy Barney

performing CPR, The Covington Fire Department delivering

defibrillation and using the LUCAS device, and Acadian

Ambulance performing advance care and transportation.

Mayor Cooper, Chief Blocker and members of the Covington

Fire Dept. had the wonderful opportunity of meeting with

Mrs. Dolan’s family when her husband, Mr. Neville Dolan,

and two daughters visited the Covington Fire Department.

“I’m so grateful that they didn’t give up on my wife… it

was an absolute miracle that everyone was in the right

place at the right time, including the new LUCAS device.

Starting with a citizen of the community, Stacy Barney, who

didn’t have to help at all but administered CPR

immediately… and much gratitude to Covington Fire

Department, Acadian Ambulance and St. Tammany Hospital. I

hope to give more exposure to the importance of the

public’s willingness to help in emergency situations.” –

Neville Dolan
CFD Media Contact: Fire Prevention Joe Ard, phone 985-630

-9298 or email:

Each year, the CFD answers more than 1,400 emergency calls.

CFD firefighters spend many hours on outreach for fire

prevention in the community. The CFD conducts fire

prevention programs in local schools simulating the

conditions of a fire, teaching students how to formulate

and execute an emergency exit plan. Visit