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Covington Officials MS “Field Trip”

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Recently, Covington Councilmen Mark Verret and Patrick McMath joined Mayor Mark Johnson, Councilman Clay Madden of Mandeville and environmental enthusiast Ross Richardson on a “field trip” to the facility in Sumrall, MS that hand-sorts our recyclables from our garbage (Yes, hand sorts). Some very good news: Since our Recycle Awareness Push and Thursdays Only collection, Covington’s contamination rate has dropped from 50% to an industry norm of 30%.

City Officials talk trash in Sumrall, MS.

The big question: Why can other parts of the country / world recycle X, Y or Z and we can’t? It’s a function of population density. Single stream recycling works with concentrated populations.
Why are plastic bags so bad? To recycle paper-cardboard, it must first be pulverized by a machine. Plastic bags will not / do not pulverize, thus rendering the paper-cardboard useless. Also, any food is bad. Flies are bad. Rats are bad. Any food in your recyclables is bad. Our next step: Reduce plastic bags and food contamination in our recyclables. Not there yet, but we’re doing better. Much better!

CW: Thank you Mayor Johnson and Covington City Officials for your proactive efforts in addressing city garbage concerns.

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New Garbage Pick Up Schedule for Covington

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With the goal of improving services to the household and business customers in Covington, the Covington City Council passed a Resolution at the City Council meeting on Tuesday, August 21, 2018 to allow Waste Connections to alter their garbage/recycling pick-up schedule.  Recently, Mayor Mike Cooper and several members of the City Council met with a representative of the contractor to determine a better way to serve our citizens.
Garbage/recycling will continue to be picked up once per week throughout the city; however, the city will now be divided into three (3) areas for this purpose. 
Area 1 is comprised of homes and businesses located west of Tyler Street from the Tchefuncte River through the northernmost part of the City.   This area generally includes River Forest, Barkley Parc, the Village, Oak Alley, Savannahs, Covington Point and Ozone neighborhoods.  Area 1 will continue to have pick-up on Wednesdays. 
Area 2 consists of homes and businesses located east of Tyler Street and south of 16th Avenue between the Tchefuncte and Bogue Falaya Rivers and the southernmost tip of the city near I-12.  This area is near St. Paul’s School, St. Tammany Parish Hospital and the Old Landing neighborhood.  This area will be picked up on Mondays. 
Area 3 which is comprised of homes east of Tyler Street, north of 15th Avenue, and the downtown area will have pickups on Fridays.
A color-coded map depicting the new pick-up days for each of the three areas of the city may be found on the city’s website at  These changes will become effective on Sept. 1st.  Please note that Waste Connections will be picking up on Labor Day for those in the newly designated area for Monday pick-ups. 

Residents may also view a map to determine which weeks of the month green waste will be collected in their area.  The map is also on the city’s website. 
As always, it is Mayor Cooper and the Council’s cooperative and continued efforts to recognize and resolve issues in order to provide the citizens of Covington with the best services possible.