August is National Water Quality Month: Quality of Water = Quality of Life

The phrase “water quality” refers to a set of standards used to assess the chemical, physical and biological characteristics of water in relation to the environment and any human need or purpose.  Water

The Benefits of Breastfeeding: August is National Breastfeeding Month

During the first few weeks of life, an baby’s immune system is almost entirely dependent on the mother’s breast milk for immune protection from its environment. A study published earlier this year by

Composting 101: A Few Tips on Making Your Own Soil Additive

Composting is the single most important supplement to add in your garden soil, and it’s free! A nutrient rich compost full of organic matter and beneficial organisms can be made from regular household

Share the Health Talk: Building Hormone Health with Nutrition by Laura Warner, CPT, CHN

What we eat not only affects our waistline, but also our hormones. We can’t expect our endocrine system to work optimally if we’re eating foods high in sugar, trans fats and processed foods.

Quick Tips for Computer Users From Monica Gallardo at Our Place Studio

The common office posture is seated and huddled, shoulders tense, chest collapsed, spine hunched over a computer. Chest openers help us reverse that posture. This collapsed posture is not only bad for our