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“No Truck” Through Routes Effective July 16

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“The Police Department, Mayor’s Office and members of the City Council have received numerous complaints about 18 wheelers utilizing our downtown streets to cut through the City. Specifically, trucks are traveling down Lee Rd, crossing Collins Blvd., into the City. Once at Columbia Street they take a left and head towards Jefferson Street and turn right. When they get to 21st Ave., they turn right to Tyler St. and turn left headed south out of the City. I have personally followed numerous trucks taking this route to get south of the City.

Our infrastructure can not handle the continuous travel of eighteen wheelers through our city streets. Effective Monday July 16, 2018, Columbia St., and Jefferson Streets will join Boston St. and 21st. Ave. as No Truck Routes (local deliveries excluded).
We have identified 40 different trucking companies in the area and have sent them letters notifying them of the new restrictions. Additionally, (Thanks to our friends at the Causeway) last Monday we have placed an electronic sign at the end of Lee Rd. announcing the new restrictions. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.” – Chief Tim Lentz, CPD