Pet Care: Nail Trimming

Keeping your pet’s nails trimmed is important if they do not walk on surfaces that will naturally wear them down.  In general, dog nails are more important to keep up with than cat nails; cats have retractable claws and are able to hone them.  Any cat owner can tell you the benefits of trimming off those needle sharp points, however.  Dog nails, if left unchecked, can grow back into the pad, causing discomfort and possible health issues.

It is important not to cut the “quick” when nail trimming. The quick is the fleshy part that grows about halfway down the inside of the nail, usually pinkish in color.  If you are unsure about how to trim your pet’s nails, ask for a demonstration by your veterinarian or groomer.  They can show you the appropriate place to trim without harming your pet.   Most clinics and groomers offer a nail trim with bathing services for a small fee.