Gulf Coast Bank’s Auctions in August: Charity Benefit Event

Gulf Coast Bank's Auctions in August Charity EventIn the past 5 years, Gulf Coast Bank has raised over $400,000 for more than 350 local, state-wide and national charities and schools.  Gulf Coast Bank has always been active in their community, so they devote an entire month to extend these charitable efforts by involving the community through “Auctions In August”.  This is a silent auction that runs the entire month of August.  Items are available for bidding at each of their 16 branches, as well as online.  The auction is open to everyone, bank employees, customers and the general public.  Donations were made by local businesses and individuals, each donor was able to choose the charity they wished the sale of their item to benefit.  Please check out the website for more information on the auction, and to see the items available.