Exhibit by Tanya Dischler Opening at Three Rivers Gallery for Spring for Art

"Tanya Dischler: Unfinished Business on the Bayou" opens Saturday April 11th at Three Rivers Gallery
“Tanya Dischler: Unfinished Business on the Bayou” opens Saturday April 11th at Three Rivers Gallery

“The older I get, the more I grow to appreciate my childhood and the more I realize how unique it was. This is where I was born and raised.  It is the beginning of my story, it is who I am, where I came from and it is still taking me to places unknown. Those memories, sights, sounds, and smells keep pulling me back…like I have unfinished business and I welcome it, I embrace it. I think it will always be there calling me back and for that I am grateful.”   Tanya Dischler

This new series of artwork by award winning artist, “Tanya Dischler: Unfinished Business on the Bayou” began with her Burning Cane Series and is a continuation of a deep exploration of her roots. She is strongly bound to the land.  Having grown up with the freedom and daily adventures of country life, her memories are of sugar cane fields taller than she and memories as sharp and strong as the blades of the cane stalks she ran through as a child. These paintings are more than visual records; they are steeped in her experiences growing up with family, swimming in the Gulf, gathering pecans, and the plethora of farm animals and wild game here in Louisiana. These pieces are textured with natural patterns that bring to mind the Gulf of Mexico and the labyrinth of canals and bayous that travel through South Louisiana like veins infusing the land with life. These paintings by Dischler are a celebration of the impact of that life.

South Louisiana artist Tanya Dischler, originally from Franklin, grew up on Bayou Salé. She now resides in Mandeville, Louisiana.  She studied at the University of Southwestern Louisiana, Louisiana Tech University and various artist workshops throughout the United States, Mexico, France and Indonesia. She is widely collected both nationally and internationally.

“Unfinished Business” an exhibition featuring paintings by Tanya Dischler will be on view April 11th – May 2nd 2015 at Three Rivers Gallery, 333 E. Boston Street downtown Covington.