City of Covington Receives LMA Award in Recognition of CPD’s Improvements

Statement by Covington Police Department Chief Tim Lentz:

Recently at the Louisiana Municipal Association banquet in Lafayette, the City of Covington was presented with the LMA Community Achievement Award for Outstanding Community Improvement in Basic Services. This award surrounded the efforts of the Police Department over the last 18 months to rebuild our relationships with the community. The submission for the award included our ice cream give away for wearing your seatbelt, our kids camp and our secret Santa campaign this past Christmas.

A special thanks goes to Pam Keller, in Mayor Cooper’s office, for collecting the information and submitting the application to the Association.

I am so proud of the men and women of the Covington Police Department for what they have accomplished in the last 18 months. Not only are we rebuilding our reputation, and improving our relationships in the community, we are being recognized by our peers for our “Outstanding Improvement”. I couldn’t be more proud to be the Chief of this wonderful department. – Chief Tim Lentz, CPD