The Gift of Time

The Gift of Time

We’ve all heard the phrase the gift of time so much so that it seems to have lost its meaning. First off, time is a concept measured quantitatively and usually with no consideration for the true value of those minutes that when spent, cannot be replenished. We fail to grasp what it really means when those moments are gone.

The word gift is often equated with something free to the receiver. But it isn’t free to the giver. There is a cost involved. Whether any gift is truly given away without expectation of anything reciprocal is another subject for another day (or certainly another column).

In our hurry up world, many of us become slaves to the clock and the tyranny of over packed schedules. Time is important to us – we do our best to manage it, considering each person alive has only a certain allotment that is emptied according to a timetable not of our making. In my career, I am frequently witness to the disrespect (abuse) for one’s time: on any given day, it might be an unfortunate sign of our time or it may well be my industry – a business based on commission income. This model rewards only upon a completed effort resulting in fulfilling other parties’ needs. It does not reflect the efforts, hours, network, and counsel that are major components of any successful outcome. This model is antiquated and should be addressed. I much more favor a fee-based or simpler method that recognizes value over cost and excellence over mediocrity. I have implemented this and it’s made a difference in my energy level. Never more was I reminded of this subject that this past week when I had to pay a service fee (up front) for an AC technician to visit the premises and diagnose the problem. As to the actual fix, that was extra. Point made.

My last point here is simple: we are a cultured and capitalist society that exchanges effort and work for time and results. The common denominator is time, and it is worthy of our respect. Let’s all take a minute of our time to consider the value of someone else’s. Our days might become a little more easier to bear.

Beverly Hobbs Shea Broker/ Consulting Realtor