CPD Chief Lentz Receives Leadership Award

Well, last night I had a fast one pulled on me. Earlier this week I was contacted by Dr Michael Sprague with Leadership St. Tammany. Dr Sprague invited me to the Leadership St Tammany Christmas event and asked if I would say a couple of words about this year’s recipient of the 2017 Alumnus of the Year Award, my friend David Bottner Executive Director of the New Orleans Mission and the Giving Hope Retreat. I replied to Dr Sprague that I would be happy to say a couple of words about my friend and much deserving recipient. For a couple of days I prepared my remarks about David and went to the event last night at Christwood well prepared for my speech. As it got close to the time to present the award, Dr. Sprague asked me to go to the front of the room for the presentation. I realized that David still hasn’t arrived at the event. Then I see my wife and daughter enter the back of the room. That is when it hit me that they weren’t giving David the award they were giving it to me!

Chief Tim Lentz and CBA President Brad Schroeder

I am so thankful to the Leadership St. Tammany group for selecting me for this prestigious award. I share this award with the men and women of the Covington Police Dept and the citizens of Covington, for without their support we couldn’t do the great things we do.
A special thanks to all who participated in this plot to get me to the event and for Mayor Mike Cooper for his kind words about me he spoke last night. I would also be remiss if I didn’t thank my friend Brad Schroeder for nominating me. I am humbled by the recognition. – God Bless, Chief Tim Lentz