This Week at the Covington Farmer’s Market

The Covington Farmer’s Market takes place every Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Covington Trailhead and every Saturday at the 600 Block of Columbia Street (front lawn of the Covington Police Department). Charlene LeJeune of Abundant Life Kitchen sends out the newsletter every Tuesday to preview the Wednesday Market. Here is this week’s Newsletter:

How are you, my friends, on this very bright and glorious Tuesday? I know, I know! But, just like the rest of us, you’ll just have to count down the hours until the Wednesday market begins. So now the question is…what do you get? This is not a problem for me since I usually pick up something for dinner and also for lunches during the week. “Incredibly edible” eggs—of course. Blueberry jam for breakfast shakes. A few Creoles and yellow squash from Mr. Houston. Over to Kandy’s for a glass of jasmine tea and some of her yummy creamy shrimp rolls. Now, I know that sounds good but until you’ve bitten into that crunchy wrapper and experienced the creaminess of the cheese coating a whopping fat shrimp inside, well, that’s just a whole ‘nother level, huh? Another fabulous lunch time treat is one of Barry’s falafels topped with his special hummus and cole slaw – they really are fal-awfully good!
Jayna Morgan will get things started on Saturday, crooning out snappy tunes from the gazebo. So grab a cup of iced coffee or tea from the coffee pavilion, say “hello” to Ed (and Jose) and get your shopping done as the scent of Pappa D’s kettle corn draws you in. Nathaniel and Erika are firing up the griddle for their amazing veggie pancakes which have become a staple at the market. Rebecca will also have the pan hot, preparing her fabulous breakfast pupusas. Or indulge in Norma Jean’s roasted red pepper enchilada packed with flavor. 
Take home a prepared Tessier Gourmet meal such as Eggplant Parmesan along with Sweet & Spicy Cole Slaw or Roasted Beet & Citrus. You will also find her uniquely different tamales, plus, (something new) delicious meatballs – vacuum packed and ready for gravy. La Provence has the perfect red gravy to complement them.
Blueberries and peaches still abound at the market and are now being joined by figs and plums. Eddie had cantaloupe this week and you know what that means! Watermelon isn’t far behind! Deliciously healthy compensation for the heat & humidity. 
Jennifer (Bear Creek Road) says she will feature grilled veggie & hummus pie this month. Better trot on over there and check it out. She’s also fixing sourdough pizza and bagels! And if you haven’t already tried Stacy’s Canned Creations, take a stroll on over. You’ll find delights such as Brown Sugar Beer Mustard, Mexican radishes, Pickled Merliton, Cajun Zucchini & Squash and Spicy Asparagus—no need to wait for a party. Lucy has developed several new soaps that are sure to catch your fancy – Unicorn Bubblegum (not just for the kiddies), Oatmeal, Goat Milk & Honey, and Coffee – a lovely scrubbing soap that leaves your skin silky smooth.
Thank you, Collins, for the reminder to eat local, in-season veggies… “Eating in-season foods that are easy to find in your area involves much less time between the point of harvest to getting it in your belly, which means greater nutrient density. Studies have proven the nutrient content of seasonal and local produce is superior—when comparing in-season broccoli to out-of-season (which had to be internationally shipped), the broccoli that was in season had twice as much vitamin C as the broccoli that wasn’t.”
There really is nothing like a farmers’ market when the veggies are at their peak of flavor and variety. And they grill up so nicely while you’re grilling your burgers or chicken. You did pick up meat, right? No worries. We have a number of fine vendors of pork, sausage, beef, lamb, goat, shrimp, and chicken – Mr. Two, Jublilee Farms, and James’gfFarms. If you can’t find anything to go on that grill, you must have slept in. Hope you will join us! 
Lots of love
Charlene LeJeune
Abundant Life Kitchen

The Covington Farmers’ Market is open each Wednesday, rain or shine, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Covington Trailhead, 419 N. New Hampshire and every Saturday from 8a.m. to 12p.m. on the side lawn of the Covington Police Station, 609 N. Columbia St. Call (985) 892-1873 for information or visit