Home Exterior Video Cameras for Safety – Mayor Mark

Home Exterior Video Cameras for Safety – Mayor Mark

Exterior video cameras are affordable and effective – from Mayor Mark Johnson

Covington Police Department

As technology has improved, costs have declined. A video surveillance system at one time was an expensive undertaking. Today, cameras can be purchased for $50-ish and easily connected to your internet wirelessly.

Cameras outside your home are a deterrent. But possibly more important, they help catch perpetrators committing crimes elsewhere.

  • The downtown graffiti vandal was caught on a camera.
  • Teens robbing unlocked cars in a subdivision were caught on a camera.
  • A shooter was caught … on his own camera!

If you can afford it, you can help me help them (our PD) help us by simply adding a camera or two at your home.

Update from Mayor Mark’s Email – visit www.covla.com to learn more.