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Kick Off the New Year with Mayor Mark’s Zumba Class

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Registration is open for Zumba with the Mayor, an up-beat and interactive multi-generational exercise dance class. This free class is open to all levels of experience and abilities – it’s about moving and having fun. Join Mayor Mark Johnson and burn off those extra holiday calories!

The City of Covington Mayor’s Council on Healthy Lifestyles teams up with Oschner and St. Tammany Health Systems to bring together five local instructors from the YMCA, Star Fitness, Bogue Falaya Fitness, Mandeville Sports Complex, Pelican Athletic Club and Francos. Five instructors, 90 minutes of cardio, core, and fun!

This event is free and open to the public. Due to COVID, attendance is limited. Click here to register for this event.

Learn more about the Mayor’s Council on Healthy Lifestyles on their Facebook page here.

Local Events

Zumba with the Mayor Encourages Healthy Lifestyles

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The Mayor’s Council on Healthy Lifestyles teams up with Oschner and St. Tammany Health Systems to present 1 1/2 hours of cardio, core and fun!

“If you’re moving, you’re doing it right” is the mantra for this multi-generational exercise dance class. All shapes, all sizes, all ages and all abilities are welcome to discover the fun we have at the YMCA, Star Fitness, Bogue Falaya Fitness, Mandeville Sports Complex, Pelican Athletic Club and Francos. Five different instructors — 1 1/2 hours of fun.

Join Covington Mayor Mark Johnson for this free event at Bogue Falaya Hall on Sunday, September 20th from 11 am – 12:30 pm. The Bogue Falaya Hall is located in the City Hall complex at 128 West 23rd Avenue Covington, LA 70433. Event is limited to 50 people. Click here to register.

Learn more about the Mayor’s Council on Healthy Lifestyles on their Facebook page here.

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Brooks’ Bike Shop Offers Rentals, Repairs & New Rides

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Brooks’ Bike Shop is located at 416 E. Gibson St. (on the Tammany Trace) in historic downtown Covington.   Brooks’ is a full-service bicycle shop featuring new and restored bikes, repairs, rentals and merchandise. Dealer for Fuji, SE, Phat, Tuesday and Breezer, plus a full range of used bikes in great condition at great prices.
Brooks’ Bike Shop carries a full range of accessories and custom items, plus long boards and three wheelers.  Brooks’ also rents kayaks for your next trip to the river!

Brooks’ Bike Shop is also the World Headquarters of the Covington Bicycle Club, the active local group for bicycling enthusiasts.  This month, the Club rides on Thursday evenings, ending up at the Covington Trailhead for the Rockin’ the Rails Free Concert Series.  For more information about the Covington Bicycle Club, call 985-237-3658 and Patrick Brooks will be happy to talk to you about it.  More information online at

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Danielle Peters, from the article “Looking for a magic pill? It is exercise”.

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Working With Different Methods of Exercise to Improve Overall Function Pt. 2

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by Justin Brien, Natural Movement Solutions

Analytical/Segmental Training- analytical/segmental training is very precise exercise and very necessary for everyone.  Pilates would be considered a form of analytical training.  Rehabilitation is analytical, as is bodybuilding. When you want or need to train analytically, you need to work on a specific muscle or a specific part of a muscle. Who out there  is functioning perfectly?  No one. In my experience working with clients, I always have to use very specific strengthening exercises to restore function and balance to each individual.  For example, you can segmentally work the glutes (butt muscles) for someone who has poor activation or poorly developed glutes. Analytical and segmental exercises help to improve your function because your brain and nerves work to contract and work the muscle very precisely.  You can even go one step further and train a muscle segmentally but work a specific part of that muscle and train it in a specific range. This way of exercising can be put to good use for someone with a hip or knee problem.  Segmental training helps to wake up dormant and atrophied muscles that are needed to support the structure.  This type of training is probably 75% of my overall program because it is what makes my body feel and function the best!  Keep in mind that this is what works for MY body.  I have suffered a few injuries throughout my life that have caused some structural imbalances that I continually have to manage.
Global Exercise- global training is what many refer to as functional training.  The movements are much bigger and replicate what we do in our daily lives, walking, running, squatting down, lifting things, going up and down stairs, getting ourselves up and down off of the floor etc… The squat, lunge, deadlift, push up, pull up, crawling, climbing etc., are all global movements that require multiple joints and many muscle actions to create the movement.  I also mentioned Yoga being a global type of exercise.  The way you transition through the poses and hold the poses using multiple joint structures and entire regions of the body is considered global.  Athletic training is also global.  Olympic lifting, speed and agility work are all total body movements.  For myself, I usually do at least one day of global training each week or choose one global exercise to do in a segmental workout.  It’s my favorite way to exercise, so I always manage to get a few global movements in each week.  I follow up with 1-2 myofascial stretches and 1-2 ELDOA postures to normalize the tissue at the end of the training session.
Metabolic Training- metabolic training is usually done for time, but not always.  Metabolic conditioning is the most demanding on the joints and the nervous system. This is when you push the body to the extreme, with a challenge to the cardio-respiratory system, the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system to the maximum.  This is usually done with bigger, faster, global movements in a circuit fashion with very little or no rest in between.  Metabolic training takes a huge toll on my body so I usually wait until I have enough time to do a lot of regenerative exercise after the workout and the following day.  My recovery program is a blend of 2-3 of the following… Myofascial Stretching (MFS), ELDOA and Global Postural Stretching (GPS) done immediately after the workout.  It makes sense to normalize the tension that you’ve just created in your body.  Who wants more disorganized tension in their body? My conclusion for metabolic training is that you need to have a goal.  What is the need?  Men and women of the military and law enforcement have to meet a big physical demand when it comes to their job.  Playing sports also requires this type of conditioning.  For wellness, it makes sense to be wise about training and recovery as well.

There is a time and a place for all types of training but when you think about longevity and joint joint function there are a few things to consider… To do all analytical training and not integrate the muscles into full body movements doesn’t make sense!  The reverse is also true, to do nothing but global movements when the body is out of balance and half of the muscles that you are supposed to be using are shut off and not functioning  properly, doesn’t make any sense!  Furthermore, to only do high performance/metabolic training everyday, with no program to maintain mobility and space for the joints, only puts an expiration date on your metabolic training. Any healthy exercise program considers proper periodization.  If you train hard 365 days a year with no respect to periodization and planning, the structure will always pay at it’s weakest link.  One of the biggest obstacles for me is to convince people of what their body needs vs. what their brain wants.  If we can allow ourselves to get outside of our comfort zones and explore other methods and modalities of exercise, it can break the monotony and the damaging cycle that I find many clients stuck in.  As a matter of fact, the most functional people that I’ve evaluated over the past few years have experienced and practiced a variety of different exercise methods including, Pilates, Yoga, weight lifting, etc.  If you are aware that something is not right in your body then listen to your body, it’s speaking to you!  It’s not wise to continue to train into the dysfunction.  Try something new, stick to it, then take what you can from it and move on.   Our bodies are very complex and require a lifetime of exploration.

 Justin Brien, Natural Movement Solutions       


Local Events

Down Dogs & Drafts At Covington Brewhouse

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The weather is cooler and the Yoga is on!  Liz Bragdon and the great folks at Covington Brewhouse invite you to Down Dogs & Drafts on Sunday, September 25, 2016 – Gospel Soul Music Edition.  Stretch the old week away and welcome the new surrounded by friends, kegs, and the charm of Downtown Covington.  Sweat, find your Warrior, rediscover your balance, embrace your Down Dog and drop into some delicious moments of inner peace to the spirit-stirring, soul-shaking sounds of old school Gospel music.  In addition to your favorite Brewhouse brews,  you’ll also enjoy Kombucha Girl Living Beverages water kefir on tap.  Drink it up straight or mix with your favorite beer.  The Yoga Class is 11 a.m. – 12 noon, drinking is from noon to close.
Tickets are $12, and includes the class and two beers.  This event is limited to twenty five people, so pre-purchasing is strongly recommended.  You can pick up tickets at the Tasting Room or call Erin at 985-893-2884.
The weather is still very warm to hot (but not as bad as July!), so you’ll want to dress cool, maybe bring a small towel to wipe off and a larger one to cushion your body for savasana.  Water bottles are a must.  The Brewhouse has plenty of water on tap to replenish you if you run dry.  DDD is the final Sunday of the month – if you can’t make this one, we’ll see you soon!

covington brewhouse down dogs & drafts

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Down Dogs & Drafts at the Covington Brewhouse

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Join Liz Bragdon & the great folks at the Covington Brewhouse on Sunday, April 24, at 11 a.m. for Down Dogs & Drafts. Stretch the old week away and welcome the new surrounded by friends, kegs, and the charm of Downtown Covington.  Tickets are $12: that price includes your yoga class and 2 brews!
This event is limited to 25 people, so reservations are strongly recommended. You can pick your tickets up at the Tasting Room or call Erin: 985-893-2884  Please wear layers, bring a yoga mat, a water bottle and a small towel.

covington brewhouse down dogs & drafts


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Valentine’s and Seasonal Specials at Our Place Studio

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VD singles 2016-page-001

Our Place Studio has three specials for February:  Seasonal Detox and two Valentine’s Specials.
The first is a Couple’s Massage, with complimentary glass of wine and chocolate ($140).  The second is a Massage Gift Certificate Special,  purchase a GC for a 60 or 90 minute massage and get your choice of one of two gifts: 3-pack of our homemade aromatherapy spritzers or a month of free yoga, pilates mat, tai chi & franklin method classes.

VD couples 2016 pdf-page-001

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Down Dogs & Drafts at the Covington Brewhouse This Sunday

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covington brewhouse yogaEveryone will need some body-bending, mind de-fuzzing yoga and sweet, refreshing brews after all of that Thanksgiving feasting this week! Join Liz Bragdon & the great folks at Covington Brewhouse on Sunday, November 29, at 11 a.m. for Down Dogs & Drafts. Stretch the old week away and welcome the new surrounded by friends, kegs, and the charm of Downtown Covington. Sweat, find your Warrior, rediscover your balance, embrace your Down Dog and drop into some delicious moments of inner peace – then have a few beers! Kombucha Girl Living Beverages water kefir is also on tap.  Drink it up straight or mix with your favorite beer.  The seasonal beer selection is Winter Warmer, but every delicious Covington Brewhouse flavor you love will be flowing! Yoga Class is 11-12 , and beer-drinking is from 12 ’til close.

Tickets are $10 if you pre-purchase and that price includes your yoga class and 2 beers.  Tickets will be $12 at the door.

This event is limited to 25 people, so pre-purchasing your tickets is strongly recommended. You can pick them up at the Tasting Room or call Erin: 985-893-2884

Please wear layers, bring a yoga mat, a water bottle, and a small towel.

They’ll be tuning into the Saints game after the class, so you can spend the whole afternoon hanging at the Tasting Room and enjoying Covington’s best local beer!


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Aerial Yoga Classes with Liz Bragdon at Our Place Studio

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Take your yoga off the mat and into the air! Aerial Yoga classes with Liz Bragdon have begun at Our Place Studio. Check out the schedule online and call to register – Web:  Ph:  985.778.3448

Our Place Studio Aerial Yoga with Liz Bragdon

Our Place Studio Aerial Yoga with Liz Bragdon


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Our Place Studio Offers Aerial Yoga with Liz Bragdon

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7 Reasons To Try Aerial Yoga

Our Place Studio  Aerial Yoga

Our Place Studio Aerial Yoga with Liz Bragdon

1. It’s fun – that kind of fun you felt when you were a kid!

Remember swinging on the playground, climbing on the monkey bars, hanging upside down by your knees, and twirling on the flying saucer, feeling as light as a feather?  It’s kinda like that!

2. It builds core and upper body strength.

Unless you are going to a restorative class, Aerial yoga requires a lot of upper body and core strength to be done correctly, and the resistance the aerial fabric provides in yoga postures engages those hard to reach stabilizing muscle groups. Imagine Chaturanga with both feet suspended off the floor, Warrior II with one leg supported or your arms and chest lifted in the silks to help you lengthen and expand the chest, or Dancer with the back leg suspended in the hammock (with or without the front leg on the ground), to list a few.

3. You feel like a beautiful, elegant circus acrobat.

We’ve all had dreams of running away with the circus, right? Aerial yoga classes can combine gymnastics, yoga, and circus arts, depending on the fusion of the class. Even the simple, gentle swaying of the fabric deepens your stretches and creates a motion akin to dance.

4. It takes you to your edge.
Aerial yoga gives adds a new, challenging twist to your favorite poses. The first time I went into Upside Down Baddha Konasana I felt a rush of excitement and fear. But the more I anticipated the pose and could move into it more freely, the longer I could stay there and find steadiness and peace.  It takes practice, but stepping past your habitual edge is worth it. And isn’t that a big part of what life is about? A continual exploration of our edge – and beyond?

5. It helps with stress and back tension.

Done safely and correctly, the spinal decompression from Aerial inversion suspension feels really good. It’s like the spine has room to expand and breathe. Although the silks still require you to have upper body strength and balance, they are helping to support you in Headstand, Handstand, Downward Dog, Dolphin, etc.

6. Floating Savasana is amazing!

Most of my students will tell me that this is their favorite part of class – Floating Savasana. There is something about being engulfed in the silk like a cocoon, weightless, floating, lightly rocking in the air at the end of Aerial yoga class that is unique and blissful.

7. It improves your overall wellbeing by helping create a more confident, braver you.

Tipping your body upside down or over in a somersault or simply standing on the fabric, entrusting it with your weight, can be scary at first. Most adults haven’t done these kinds of movements since they were children. Taking the time to explore what your body can do in the silks, trusting yourself to learn new skills in a new environment is beneficial both in your practice and in your life, and gives you a boost of confidence. You may feel out of your comfort zone, but hey, that’s where growth happens, right? After you’ve defied gravity, you feel like you can pretty much do anything!

Compiled & Edited by Liz Bragdon: Yoga/Aerial Yoga Instructor, Movement Educator at Our Place Studio, 338 N. Vermont St, Covington. Interested in giving Aerial Yoga a try? Ongoing classes at Our Place Studio. Please call Liz: 985.778.3448. For more info, you can also visit: www.opcovington or


Liz Bragdon

The purpose of educating children is to let goodness flower in them and to help them see that knowledge is one small corner of a vast field. J. Krishnamurti

Our Place Studio Aerial Yoga with Liz Bragdon

Our Place Studio Aerial Yoga with Liz Bragdon

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Free Workshop – Healthe Habits for Living: Helpful Tips To Avoid The Extra Holiday Pounds

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Healthe Habits for Living of Covington is hosting a free holiday workshop: “All I Want for Christmas . . . Is to Fit in My Pants!” on December 3rd, 2014 at 11:30-1:00 and 5:30-7:00. The workshop is open to the public, and will provide strategies to help people successfully manage the many temptations of the holiday season.

“People get pulled in so many different directions during the holidays; it’s easy to lose track or give in to all of the temptations around us without even realizing it,” says owner and Occupational Therapist Jill Hurley. “This workshop will teach people how to enjoy the holidays without feeling guilty or having regrets later.”

The workshop will focus on: How to Maneuver the Buffet from Hell; Stop Being a Slave to the Dreaded Food Court; and Managing Decadence Intelligently – all showing that Healthy Doesn’t Equal Horrible. Healthe Habits for Living will also provide recipes, tips, and resources for healthy holiday planning.

Healthe Habits for Living offers individuals with a Body Mass Index of 30+ a customized weight loss program focused on changing the way people think, relate to, consume, and manage food and exercise on a daily basis. Please visit or call 985.892.5716 for more information or to register for the seminar.

Healthe Habits for Living Free Holiday Workshop

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Health & Wellness: Staying Active in the Winter

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Despite the rainy winter weather we’ve had this year, there are still plenty of beautiful days that are good to be out and about.  Covington offers several resources available that are conducive to active lifestyles, from bike and running paths to natural areas and trails.

The St. Tammany Trace runs through the center of Covington along the old train track, connecting Abita Springs and Mandeville.  The Trace is used as both a bike path and a running path, and it is Louisiana’s first and only rails-to-trails conversion.  According to the Tammany Trace website,, ‘the White House Millennium Council chose the Tammany Trace as one of 50 Millennium Legacy Trails’.

There are a few simple tips to follow when beginning any exercise routine, and a little preparation will go a long way.  First, it is always a good idea to stretch before any intense or repetitive body movement.  This will get the blood circulating and loosen up the muscles.  15  to 20 minutes is a good stretch time.  Remember, it takes 15 minutes to get the heart rate up to maximum level for most moderate exercise.

While stretching, concentrate on controlled breathing.  During the exercise motions (whatever you choose to do), maintain your breathing, exhaling on the action and inhaling on the return.  For example, in weight lifting, the exhale is on the push.

Finally, drink plenty of water.  The majority of your body is water, and it is important to maintain a proper balance.  Any amount of exercise will use your body’s water resources, and dehydration can lead to injury.

Brooks’ Bike Shop is located on the Tammany Trace off of Gibson St., a full service bike repair and rental shop.  Covington offers many cafes and restaurants, and two of our favorites in the arts district are St. John’s Coffeehouse and Columbia St. Natural Foods, both offering health-conscious menus and friendly faces.