Halloween Recycled Craft Ideas

Halloween Votives & Spirit Jugs

Milk Jugs and Glass Jars

Here’s a great project for the home decorator/recycling enthusiast. Send the kids on a hunt for recyclable materials, such as clean milk jugs, individual milk or yogurt containers, jars from sauces, pickles or baby food. Grab up the paints and markers, set them down on a nice bed of newspapers and let them go! Glass jars make great candle holders for votives or tea lights. Cut a whole in the back of milk jugs to string in lights and make decorative lanterns. The possibilities are endless!

Apple Bites & Coconut Banana Ghosts

Apple Bites & Banana Ghosts

These Treats are fun and easy to make! Create vampire or monster teeth out of apple slices, or try this fun recipe for Banana Ghosts! Slice a ripe banana in half widthwise, stick a popsicle in the cut half and place on some wax paper in the freezer for about three hours (or until frozen). Cook down about one ounce of white chocolate and spread over the frozen banana. Roll in coconut shavings for a cool look and use raisin for eyes, boo!

Create Your Own Monster!


Recycling can be a fun way to get out those creative energies! Paper rolls can be made into anything – start a collection for upcoming seasons!