Rep. Paul Hollis Letter & Charles Goodwin Response

“In less than one month, Louisiana lawmakers will gather at the State Capitol to kick-off the 2018 Legislative Session. This year, I have pre-filed legislation that will improve solvency for Louisiana's retirement systems, curb sewage overflows, and hold government officials accountable in real-time for their inexcusable behavior. HB54 - Reforms the recall process in Louisiana by lowering the threshold required to trigger a recall election. HCR-1 - Creates the Sanitary Sewer Systems Overflows Commission to "study and make recommendations on actions necessary to timely report, reduce, and eliminate sewage overflows" in Louisiana. HB38 - Works to improve solvency in Louisiana's retirement systems. This session, I will also file legislation that prohibits drug manufacturers and distributors from price gouging Louisiana residents with life-threatening illnesses or chronic diseases. In addition to passing these legislative initiatives, I will continue to hold the line on taxes and spending. As you know, Governor John Bel Edwards is pushing for higher taxes and more reckless spending. He wants to plug budget shortfalls with your hard earned dollars instead of reducing the size and scope of state government. Rest assured, I will stand firm against his liberal agenda and stand up for hardworking Louisiana families. I hope you will stand with me by chipping in $35, $50, or even $100. Together, we can stop "tax and spend" liberals in the State Capitol and ensure a bright and promising future for our state.” Representative Paul Hollis, Louisiana House of Representatives, District 104 B. Charles Goodwin Response Letter To Rep. Hollis The first part of your email I agree with. But the "tax and spend" folks have been the Republican Legislators who control spending. The Governor cannot spend a dime. To blame the deficit on him, rather than the legislature, is disingenuous at best. Please remember that Jindal would not even renew the tobacco tax which affects the cost of health and health care. Louisiana is among the least taxed in the USA. Louisiana's gas taxes have not been increased in decades, but road and bridge costs have. Our deplorable, unsafe, and dangerous roads and bridges are the result. Is that what you want continued? That said, there is some (emphasis on Some) truth that revenue is not the problem, rather, spending is (such as the on-going ridiculous contracts to whomever for whatever). What have you done to curb this excessive spending? What have you done to bring Louisiana State employees in line with other southern states? Or what have you done to bring Louisiana revenues in line with other southern states? Or what have you done to bring Louisiana spending in line with other southern states? I'll be delighted to "chip in" as soon as you indicate that you understand my points. And answer several of my prior unanswered emails. Thanks for your pre-filed legislation. That's a start. Charles Goodwin, Mandeville