What We Think We See

By Beverly Hobbs Shea

There’s a line in a popular country song that goes “I can’t un-see it.” How simple but how true and profound! Being the English major word bird I am, at first it bothered me but not enough to have its meaning impress me to where I could really appreciate that little two letter prefix.


It would be easy to demonstrate the multiple uses of the unlimited phrases (no pun intended) or words. But instead I’m thinking of the correlation between remembrance, forgetfulness, and un-seeing. As we get older, only the latter seems truly etched into the mind like a branding iron – something powerful enough to exceed the will to either remember or forget.

It’s part of the lesson of forgiveness – and not an abstract concept. We’ve all heard that we’re called to forgive, and I think most would agree it’s much easier said than done. Especially when, in a small community, chance run-ins are likely to happen; when it happens, we can’t “un-see it” but hopefully we’ve learned to evade any invisible flaming arrows so that they crash and burn.
Beverly Hobbs Shea, Consulting Realtor
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