“Love Your Pet Day” at PetSuites Northshore

February is the month of love and our furry friends get a special celebration on February 20, Love Your Pet Day! Experts from PetSuites Northshore have tips on how to give your pet even more TLC. 

• Soothe Seasonal Skin Issues – Fluctuating temperatures can lead to flaky, dry skin on pets. A bath with deep coat conditioning will impart and maintain moisture so your pup won’t feel as itchy. It also can help to reduce airborne dander.   
• Indulge in a Beautifying Treatment – It’s common for many dog breeds to develop brown tear stains around their eyes and mouth. A luxurious blueberry facial is one way to keep your pet’s coat looking bright by minimizing the appearance of these marks.  
• Pamper Winter Paws – Remember to attend to the pads of your pet’s paws before and after they go outside. Rub a salve on to the bottoms of paws before your dog heads out and rinse or towel them off afterward. A “pawdicure” can also be helpful to trim nails.
• Cuddle Time for Cats – Felines soak up extra attention, too. Create a space in the home where cats know they’ll receive extra cuddle time. This could be on the couch or before bed time – and it’s a purrfect opportunity to brush away shedding fur.  

PetSuites Northshore is located at 975 US 190 E. Service Road in Covington. It offers daycare, boarding and grooming for both dogs and cats. New Customers can mention “Covington Weekly” when booking for $35 off your first service. Make a Reservation Now!