Summer Blast Basketball Tournament is Only One Month Away

Covington’s Community Summer Blast Festival takes place Saturday, June 4, 2016 at Reverend Peter Atkins Park, 701 North Tyler Street. Co-Ed Basketball teams ages 11-17 and 18 and older are encouraged to participate

The Beginning of the End of “Tammany Hall”

By Timothy Achan Gates 2015 signaled a significant change in St. Tammany politics.  Warren Montgomery was inaugurated as the new District Attorney in January, ending an administration in place for three decades.  Another

Voter Apathy? Princeton Found That the Elected Don’t Care What We Think Anyway

by Timothy Achan Gates, Covington Weekly Correspondent Considering the importance of the issues in the October election, St. Tammany experienced a rather low voter turnout.  While media portrayed an “Anti-Incumbency” sentiment among voters,