Rabbits Can Be A Hoppin’ Handful!

3-27 rabbit

Every year around Easter, rescue organizations like House Rabbit Society note a considerable increase in rabbit rescue.    Rabbits are sensitive creatures with specific needs, and they may not be an ideal pet for a typical suburban family environment. Rabbits and small children don’t really make a good pair, and the most passive child can be very stressful for the timid animals. A child’s natural response to something cute and fluffy is to cuddle and hold it. Since rabbits are prey animals, being lifted from the ground and restrained is very frightening for them. This environmental stress can cause health problems in the rabbit, leading to illness or premature death.  In the proper environment, domesticated rabbits live for about 10 years.

Many of these rescue organizations have begun public service announcement campaigns to inform people of what they may not know about these fuzzy creatures. It is a good idea to inform yourself about any new responsibility that you take on. Their suggestion? Try a chocolate rabbit, or a stuffed animal instead.  Have a Happy Easter!