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Local Events Shop Local This Week at the Farmer's Market

This Week at the Covington Farmer’s Market by Charlene LeJeune

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Blessings of the season to you, friends. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I know you’re all getting ready for family and friends and lots of great food. Stop by for some of Frankie’s goodies, Earl’s raw honey (makes a great gift) and fresh veggies from Mr. Houston.

Crispin Schroeder will play at the Covington Farmers Market this Saturday

Crispin Schroeder will play at the Covington Farmers Market this Saturday

Saturday will be the last market of 2014. Weren’t we just celebrating the 4th of July?  Come and enjoy a refreshing cup of coffee with us while you shop for the goodies you’ll need for your New Year’s party. Chrispin Schroeder will sing out the old year from the gazebo while Jeff and Kristen get the rig into place to smoke up some amazing pork. Make sure you get extra for sandwiches. Lena and Suzie have wonderful breads to make that sandwich perfect.

Chompers BBQ - food demo this Saturday at the Covington Farmers Market

Chompers BBQ – food demo this Saturday at the Covington Farmers Market

I thought we’d finish out this year with the reason you all come to the Farmers’ Market – the vegetables! A quick perusal of the tables last weekend shows that the veggies are not taking a holiday, so much the better for us. I saw the first beets of the season on John’s table along with turnips, carrots, radishes, chard, spinach, kale, tat soi, bok choi, broccoli and iceberg lettuce (sounds like we may need a little dressing too.)

Beets from Bartlett Farm at the Covington Farmer's Market

Beets from Bartlett Farm at the Covington Farmer’s Market

Dinosaur kale, collards, mustard, chard cabbage, spinach, broccoli, carrots and green onions were loaded onto Mr. Houston’s table and a few feet away Ken Savage offers huge, gorgeous cauliflower, oranges, sweet kumquats, red navel oranges, grapefruit, and satsumas. While you’re over there, check out Spanish R Us. Soriedad is baking a fantastic Tres Leche cake, almost too pretty to eat – almost. She’s making coconut flan too.  Remember to get refried beans and salsas for your party!

Baby Swiss from Grow.Farm at the Covington Farmer's Market

Baby Swiss from Grow.Farm at the Covington Farmer’s Market

Fortunately, Nick still has those fabulous Evangeline sweet potatoes. You’ll also find heirloom turnips, chard, curly mustard, flat leaf kale, and persimmons plus quail eggs. Don’t forget your New Year’s cabbage from Natalie and some strawberries too! Johnadale Farms is back again with their strawberries – we’ve got goodness all around! Dennis has pure cane syrup made from his own sugar cane fields. Stop by and check it out!

Alton and Sandra have some absolutely gorgeous camellia bushes that will not be available for long. Look over their table for the most fragrant herbs for your garden – rosemary, lemon thyme, chocolate mint and more.

We hope you’ll join us for the last market of the year. By next Saturday, a whole new year will have begun along with the hopes and plans that a new year always brings. We wish you peace and prosperity in 2015. Thank you for your patronage, your friendship, and your recipes; we look forward to another year with you.

Lots of love,
Charlene LeJeune
Abundant Life Kitchen

The Covington Farmers’ Market is open each Wednesday, rain or shine, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Covington Trailhead, 419 N. New Hampshire and every Saturday from 8a.m. to 12p.m. on the side lawn of the Covington Police Station, 609 N. Columbia St. Call (985) 892-1873 for information or visit

Farmers Market Recipes

Farmer’s Market Recipe: Eggplant & Chanterelle Sautee

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Local recipes inspired by fresh ingredients found at the Covington Farmer’s Market

Sauteed Potatoes, Eggplant & ChanterellesIngredients:
6 – 9 red potatoes (Slice of Heaven Farm)
1 large eggplant (Father & Son Farm)
1/2 pound of chanterelles (Grow.Farm)
Fresh goat cheese (Farmhouse Dairy)
2 green onion stalks, chopped (Slice of Heaven Farm)
1 clove of garlic, minced
rosemary, thyme & a touch of sage
extra virgin olive oil, or other oil of choice
sea salt & white pepper

Slice the potatoes in thick medallions and quarter. In a large saucepan, sauté 1/2 the garlic in a tablespoon of oil. Add the green onions, herbs & spices. Let simmer for a second more, until everything softens. Add the potatoes and mix, cover and let simmer on medium heat, tossing occasionally. Cook until potatoes soften. Eggplant & chanterelles

Slice the eggplant in medallions as well, but leave round. In another large saucepan or skillet heat a tablespoon of oil on medium heat. Once the oil begins to steam, add the eggplant medallions. Add the chopped chanterelles and the rest of the minced garlic around the eggplant. Flip and mix occasionally, cook until the eggplant has browned slightly on both sides.

Plate the potatoes and top with the eggplant slices. Cover with the sautéed chanterelles and garlic. Crumble with fresh goat cheese and dress with a sprig of rosemary. Enjoy!

Farmers Market Recipes Shop Local

Farmers Market Recipe: Radish & Spinach Quesedillas With Pico de Gallo

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Fresh recipes inspired by ingredients found at the Covington Farmer’s Market

Featuring Veggies From Slice Of Heaven Farm


2 tablespoons butter

Farmers Market Recipe: Radish & Spinach Quesedillas With Pico de Gallo1/4 lb radishes (cherriette, etc.), grated

1/2 lb daikon radishes, grated

1/2 onion, chopped

2 green onions, chopped

3 garlic cloves, minced

1/4 lb spinach, chopped

equal parts fresh cilantro and parsley, chopped

sea salt, cayenne (to taste)

your favorite type of cheese (jack, cheddar, etc.)


In a saucepan or small pot, heat the butter and add the onion and garlic.  Cook for a few minutes until translucent, then add radishes, green onions, cilantro, parsley and spices.  Cook for a few minutes, then turn the fire down.

In a separate pan, heat some more butter, or cooking oil of your choice, and place a tortilla down.  Spread the radish mixture around the whole tortilla, top with the shredded spinach and your favorite cheese, then place another tortilla on top.  Cover and cook until browned, then flip and cook to finish.  Serve with fresh pico de gallo and a Covington Brewhouse Pilsner.

Pico de Gallo:

Chop a couple of tomatoes, a small onion, a small bell pepper, garlic and jalapeno (to your taste), and some green onions.  Chop some parsley and cilantro, any other herbs you may want to add, and put the whole mixture in a bowl.  Add sea salt, cumin, cayenne pepper, cracked pepper, paprika, to taste.  Add the juice from one lemon (fresh lime also, if you like), cover and chill for awhile.  Serve with avocado slices on top of the quesedillas.  It is great with chips as well.