Why Shop Local? A Message from Covington Weekly

Our goal with Covington Weekly is to promote the local goods and services we have available to us in this area. We believe that a strong sustainable infrastructure is built on a community that supports itself through supporting its businesses, producers and farms.

Buying your coffee at a local café, your gifts at a local shop and your produce from a local farm increases the demands for these items, which stimulates more local businesses and local jobs. More of the money spent locally stays in our community, whether through taxes, payroll or continued support of other local businesses and organizations. Local businesses also increase tourism dollars to downtown areas, and on average provide better jobs with more opportunities for advancement. Supporting local artists and makers promotes the culture of our community. Local farms generally use better farming practices with more focus on environmental impacts, quality of products and consideration for the land and animals they care for.

Possibly most importantly, our drive to promote our local businesses and producers comes from our love for our community, and our desire to see it flourish and to share its beauty with generations to follow.

For a list of wonderful local businesses to patron please visit our advertisers, go to shoplocalusa.com/covington and check out the Covington Business Association’s business listings on their website gocovington.org.