Proposition for Tax Rededication

The City of Covington has a very important proposition on the ballot this election. It’s concerning a 1% sales tax – 37% of the proposed general fund revenue for 2013. This sales tax was approved by voters in 1957 to help fund playgrounds and recreational facilities, roads, streets and bridges, sewerage, water works, garbage disposal, and the Fire Department. This is a permanent tax – it does not come up for renewal and it will not be raised. The proposition is to to extend the coverage of this tax to include funding of “any lawful corporate purpose of the City”. This will include funding for law enforcement, code enforcement, permits, planning and zoning, human resources, cemeteries, information technology, accounting and finance, engineering, and grant administration. Once again this is not a new tax but a rededication of an already existing sales tax. The Mayor and administration would like to hear your thoughts or concerns on this proposition. To find out more information please check the City’s website: